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The Coin Flip

A shattered dream, heartbreak and inner turmoil, what next?

Joe Quigley, a seventeen year old, left Ireland to come to America in 1857 to fulfill his dream. Along the way, he met a friend, Jim McDermott, who shared the same decision.


How does life continue when it’s turned upside down?

Perhaps God intervenes with some unexpected surprises. This 130 novel is based on a true story of my great-granddad.

My hope is that it will be an inspiring, “WOW” story for all readers, one that depicts the greatness of Our Lord and refreshes our souls with trust.

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Also Available from Elizabeth Smith

Twin Strokes.jpg

Twin Strokes


Hope Wicklein, a twelve year old swimmer, suffers in the hospital with an unknown

illness while her best friend, Lynn Quigley competes in the swimming tournament

that she too was scheduled to enter, while Lisa Quigley practices golf.


When the twins visit with Hope and learn she is paralyzed with

Guillain-Barre Syndrome, they think of creative ways to help her overcome the devastating shock, agony and fear.


Perhaps Hope can also demonstrate encouragement to one of the twins when needed.

A story of friendship, inspiration, and perseverance is woven together with a bit of humor to educate and entertain middle grade readers through adult.

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